Sleep to Dream

Yesterday I found an adorable tiny kitten on my doorstep. She was definitely abandoned so, I took her up to this park in North Shore to live with a community of cats in the country. I was super tempted to keep her but she will be cared for there. It was a treat to watch my dog and her interact and quite the little day journey. I got a little carried away with the hair flips, lol, I’m sure it probably looked like I was filming some kind herbal essence commercial. Ah well, it was worth the fun! I’m loving the maxi skirts right now, anything floral, flowy and always tie dye πŸ˜‰ Comfortable. easy. breezy. done!



4 thoughts on “Sleep to Dream

    • As always thank you so much for supporting this blog. I will def second that it is a difficult thing to let go of a cute face, especially a kittens…let alone a whole litter πŸ˜‰ kudos for the rescue!

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