Free Love

Recently I was reminded that life is too short and one must do what you can to live in the present and be as free as possible. This is a dedication to that.  Break the cycle once in a while: drive somewhere new, take risks, climb a tree, be grateful for what you have rather than wishing you had more, tell the people close to you how much they truly mean to you, go skinny dipping, meditate, adopt an animal, travel and explore different cultures, volunteer yourself to a greater cause. laugh a little louder, smile a bit wider.  Have no regrets. The point is do what you love, enjoy it to the fullest and don’t let life pass you by ❤

These photo’s were taken by me, you can see more of my photography at The second picture is actually a photo of me, my bf took that one 😉

check out Will Kanes Flickr for this one 🙂

Hippies being hippies 🙂 Inspiring in itself! Got these images by searching google images.  If you know where they’re from, let me know and I will include it in.

check out to see more awesome images


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