tail hems spring 2011

I’ve always had a love for the asymmetrical hemline, always adds a punch of interest and it’s fun to seek harmony in pieces that aren’t exactly balanced.  Maxi’s are generally a staple in my summer wardrobe, they are effortlessly chic. This season you will see more and more sheer maxi’s for a slight twist on the maxi trend. Here is some street fashion featuring both the tail hem and sheer maxi, love this look! Gotta have it!!

I also wanted to post some spring 2011 inspirations. This is an editorial from Elle: I am loving the color pallete, rich textiles, and overall dreaminess of these shots. So here is Missy Rayder by Santiago Esteban for Elle Spain February 2011

and for the best of both worlds, check out Vogue Russia for this sheer tail hem maxi!


4 thoughts on “tail hems spring 2011

  1. I think the sheer maxi is one of my favorite trends for this year. I need to get my hands on one~ Ever since I saw Abbey Lee Kershaw’s I’ve been obsessed.

    • me too, so far haven’t found anything accessible. Shopping has become more difficult since moving here 😉 but I couldn’t agree more with you!

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