There’s a ghost in me, wants to say I’m sorry….Doesn’t mean I’m sorry

Huge inspiration right now *ahem* Body Armor, like WHOA 😉 Check out these awesome images, and to see the full collection in all it’s glory go here

and as for the rest of this post, it is a little outdated as far as when the pictures were taken, but it really establishes my love for hippie boho fashion, anything leopard, as well as my ❤ for rock festivals ie: C O A C H E L L A

Sad to say I may not be able to attend this years, but I am soooooooo going to try! I may be a little slow to start this site  due to rebuilding my wardobe/shoe collection. When I moved out here I basically gave all my clothes away except a suitcase and a half *I know, crazy yeh?*  But it’s good to cleanse and start anew. In the meantime I will keep up by posting what inspires me 🙂 Stay tuned ~*~*~*~~~~



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